rehearsals 2015

day 8 – semi-final 1 – impressions

photo :

Obviously Conchita Wurst opens the first semifinal with Rise Like a Phoenix. Wow ! What a wonderful opening, very Life Ball inspired, white version.

Conchita also officially opens this 60th Eurovision Song Contest live from Vienna and invites the 16 contestants to to cross the crowd of spectators.

And finally, Conchita ends this delegations’ great parade, singing Rise like a Phoenix.


And what about the competition ? Well… not much new actually.

Moldova : This act is a great openning to the show.
Armenia : I didn’t have time to get a coffee yet. Now it’s , this is what is done.
Belgium : I do love him !
The Netherlands : Jump suit this afternoon we’ll see tonight if The Dress is back…
Finland : I drink that coffee !
Greece : Such a borring song.
Estonia : I still find it really strange to have her alone for the final “Dankeschön” but this is a great act.
FYR Macedonia : They kept just a few steps of their ridiculous routine and that’s far better. Macedonia has now a chance to be among the 10 hopefuls.
Serbia : Over The Top…
Hungary : Under The Bottom !
Belarus : I vote Uzari !
Denmark : Sorry Jan, that’s not my thing…
Albania : That raises no interest for me, except that thanks to Elhaida, we may avoid Greece in the final…
Romania : Cause they attend every single party, and it’s actually the only reason, I say yes to Romania !
Georgia : Well that’s great… But Nina probable staid to look in yesterday openning party because vocally that wasn’t good at all.


The 16 contestants sang, and the second semi is definitely the best one !

The postcards are quite nice. Very tourist.

The 2 commercial breaks are the opportunity to see Conchita one more for small interviews in the Green Room.


3 videos have been broadcast this afternoon :

A tour in Vienna by… animals, not the brightest idea the Austrians have had I think, even if some shots are funny.

A small funny self-promotion (sport, science and culture) with rather funny links with the contest.

And finally a video on Australia in the previous contests.


After the finalists preview sequence (the head of Italian delegation was furious after seeing it and called sombody to complain – don’t know whos) we have the traditional Jon Ola Sand intervention. Then the results, without envelopes…


The 3 hosts looked very relaxed, Conchita rather confident and for a first dress rehearshal, that was very well.


Just for the record the 10 countries that qualified this afternoon were… Drum roll… Russia, Romania, The Netherlands, Moldova, Greece, Finland, Armenia, Albania, Belgium and FYR Macedonia.