There’s only one week left to get ready ! Here are the 17 songs of the 13th junior eurovision song contest.                                    

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junior 2015 – the 17 contestants…

This article compares the official Eurovision 2015 results with those from the juries and the televoting, and shows the surprising differences if they had voted for their TOP 27 instead of the usual TOP 10. Since the introduction in 2009 of the 50% jury /50% televoting system, this is the first time that the winner […]

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Eurovision 2015 voting in doubt?

  SVT deserves a huge “thank you” as we won’t have to fly to Linköping…   The Globen Arena – Stockholm, will host the 61th Eurovision Song Contest on 11, 12 and 14 May 2016. The press center will be located next to the venue at the Hovet and the Annex will host delegations.  

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Stockholm 2016 !

photos : A question came to our attention… “But what are eurovision69 doing ?” The answer is simple, we slept. We are sorry for that 72 hours web silence, but it was as urgent that sorely needed.     Sweden wins the 60th Eurovision song contest. Sweden, which in 5 years, achieved 4 podium […]

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They are the heroes of our time…

This evening we gonna hear the traditional “We now have a winner.” And the trophee supposedly already gained by Måns Zelmerlöw, is finaly the prize of a race tighter than expected. Several countries unveiled their power during rehearsals. 15 days ago, very few people would have bet on Russia for example. At there are two […]

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day 13 – “we now have a winner” – almost…