day 13 – “we now have a winner” – almost…

This evening we gonna hear the traditional “We now have a winner.” And the trophee supposedly already gained by Måns Zelmerlöw, is finaly the prize of a race tighter than expected. Several countries unveiled their power during rehearsals. 15 days ago, very few people would have bet on Russia for example. At there are two […]


day 11 – vote for Leonor, Marta and Václav !

Obviously, neither Aïtor nor I believe Portugal or the Czech Republic can win their semifinal. Actually, they even aren’t our favorite songs. But that’s the choice our heart… Aïtor would like the Czechs Václav Marta to be among the 10 qualified and I do support the Portuguese Leonor. But this is the game, traditional, here […]


day 10 – last technical rehearsal

photo : This post will be updated throughout the day. Videos :   You’ll have to wait for the daily “Wach Auf” to read our impressions of the semifinal (those of Ethan at least) and we will also try to write something about EBU/ORF press conference. But right now, the big 5 is […]


day 9 – support Loïc Nottet !

photo : Today is The Day ! And Conchita will tonight welcome viewers all over Europe to 60th Eurovision Song Contest live from Vienna. This evening Loïc sings and it’s also the semi in which France can vote, you know yet what you have to do… And this is traditional, before each show, we […]


day 8 – semi-final 1 – impressions

photo : Obviously Conchita Wurst opens the first semifinal with Rise Like a Phoenix. Wow ! What a wonderful opening, very Life Ball inspired, white version. Conchita also officially opens this 60th Eurovision Song Contest live from Vienna and invites the 16 contestants to to cross the crowd of spectators. And finally, Conchita ends […]


day 7 – Lisa y Edurne

photo : This post will be updated throughout the day.   D Day for Lisa Angell and Edurne. The big 5 rehearse for the very first time, along with Austria and Australia.       Ethan : When you’ll see my face on the daily Wach Auf, you’ll understand how hard it is for […]


day 6 – one day to go for France and Spain

photo : This post will be updated throughout the day. Videos :   Last technical rehearsals for semifinalists. We should tonight have a clearer view… And tomorrow, the big 5 enter the competition, as well as Austria and Australia. We will have see everyone !     Ethan : Vaidas wears a more […]


Wach Auf ! #5

For a party, that was a party ! It began with the official circuit. Eurowies’N Night, in Belvedere please. Well lower Belvedere, but Belvedere anyway ! The very one where lived the very manly Prince Eugene of Savoy. [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”P1110703.JPG” ] [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”P1110701.JPG” ] [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ […]


day 5 – today we get in !

This post will be updated throughout the day. Videos :   First open rehearsals. Today, we have a “press” area in the venue. When they saw the stage for real, Ethan and Aïtor were like two kids on Christmas morning…     Ethan : Moldova was first this morning, though we saw them quite […]


day 4 – the day not to miss…

photos : This post will be updated throughout the day.   The winner of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest is rehearsing today for the very first time on the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle…       Ethan : Oula… It’s gonna be difficult for Israel. Nadav progresses a bit on each runthrough but […]


day 3 – yes Ethan loves the Portuguese song…

photos : This post will be updated throughout the day.   Yes he do ! And nobody here understand why…       Ethan : What’s that suit ?! Vaidas is one of the sexiest guys of this Eurovision and he hides it under an outdated badly-cut suit ! The whole act is over-elaborate. […]


day 2 – focus on tomorrow …

photos : This post will be updated throughout the day.   That second day isn’t exciting at all ! We’re in the place anyway…       Ethan : OMG ! That’s what we call in french “occuper l’espace” (to fill space)… Unfortunately, it is just due to the dress and hairstyle. The choreography […]


day 1 – Loïc is in the place – we are too !

photos : This post will be updated throughout the day. Well… Here we go ! First technical rehearsals of the semifinalists. Moldova is opening the ball but obviously, Loïc is the one Ethan is looking forward.       Aïtor : It’s a pitty Eduard forgot to visit the hairdresser… he was much more […]


day 10 – semifinal 2 – impressions

Unlike the first semifinal, nothing spectacular for the opening. But the truth is the 17 contestants of this semi are actually enough…   Note : The sound here in the press center is too loud and I heard the 17 acts through earplugs. Lithuania : Radiant opening, I hope we’ll see them once more on […]