eurovision off 2015
virrvarr 69

official denial

Last night France 2 aired the first patch Eurovision l’instant. Those short sequences will till the final trace the preparation of Lisa Angell for the contest.

The shooting crew attended OGAE France’s previews. Meeting I had the honor to host. Obviously, I got to my little interview moment. I explained for about 5 minutes, I’m a fan of the contest, not necessarily of the French representative. That’s true, I also pointed out, once the competition really begin, on the contest spot, you inevitably become a bit chauvinistic and wave your flag, which is quite unusual for me.

A a result, 3 seconds and one hear me saying “yes, I support Lisa Angell”.

So I’d like to write right here, I support the Belgian Loïc Notet and his very contemporary song.

To prrove it’s not a matter of tempo, I support the Norwegians Mørland & Debrah Scarlett. Yes a ballad can be modern, a voice has the power to raise strong emotions.

If you haven’t read my previous posts you may also know English is not a requirement, I support the Portuguese Leonor Andrade. She makes me wanna shake my shoulders too and makes me wanna see Lisbon once more.

Finally, I support the German Ann-Sophie, cause That’s classy. As simple as it is.