selections 2015

selections 2015… 40 + 4 – 2

While today begins the traditional Heads of Delegations meeting, we were still last night missing 6 songs of the world’s biggest song competition 2015.

But 4 countries have finally decided today to unveil their choice for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Still waiting for Australia (scheduled for tomorrow) and Montenegro (which would not be ready before March 21), here in ascending order of interest, the songs of Albania, San Marino, Russia and Azerbaijan…


Albania – Elhaida Dani – I’m Alive

We are now accustomed to radical changes in the Albanian songs. We already heard ballads turned into schlagers tubes, gospel becoming pop.

But why no need to do a half job song while one can outright change the song ! Out Diell which won the 53th Festivali i Këngës, it’s ultimately I’m Alive Elhaida Dani is gonna sing in Vienna. Actually, we do not care, neither one of the two songs is really exciting…


San Marino
Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini – Chain of Light

We knew since November, that the two former Junior contestants, will represent San Marino in Vienna. But we were wainting for the song… And well, to compose that, they definitely could have been faster !

Chain of Light is a song that could have pleased eurofans if they felt into a coma for the 20 last years and it didn’t last 3 minutes… A kitsch monument that will not (positively) mark the competition history.


Russia – Polina Gagarina – A Million Voices

It is a powerful ballad Russia sends in Vienna. Let’s be honest, it’s quite good. If we couldn’t understand the lyrics, we might even like it. Yes but we do understand… And no Polina, we’re not the same for the country you represent, and we regrettably do not all have the same rights in this world, not all have the same rights in Russia.

But anyway, Russian Kiss to you Polina…


Azerbaijan – Elnur Huseynov – Hour of the Wolf

Finally, Azerbaijan confirmed tonight Elnur Huseynov’s return to Eurovision. And this is by far the most pleasing announcement of the evening for me.

No I do not have a lasting impression of his paticipation in 2008, but Hour of the Wolf is actually not bad at all. Obviously, among the near twenty mid-tempo songs of this 60th Eurovision Song Contest, it’s difficult to imagine Elnur standing up on May 23, but still, this one is far from the worst…