eurovision off 2015

Wach Auf ! #6

My last night is not the reason of that morning grimace. I just forgot to remove my lenses last night. So this morning I had eyes all glued. Not nice at all…

And the night was actually as calm as wise. I went to the San Marino party, but refused to queue up an half hour for two pizza tips offered by Ralph Siegel. So I went back home to eat at the apartment while Aitor was patiently waiting.

Big mistake, after lying on my bed, unable to get up. David tried to convince me to go to the party of the official circuit, I confess I have no regrets. A bit more for Aïtor’s night which he spent in a club out of the Eurovision area – but I do not exclude to go before the end of the fortnight.

In short, without my lenses problem, the wake up could have been almost easy.