rehearsals 2015

day 10 – last technical rehearsal

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You’ll have to wait for the daily “Wach Auf” to read our impressions of the semifinal (those of Ethan at least) and we will also try to write something about EBU/ORF press conference. But right now, the big 5 is in the place, Italy opens the last technical rehearsals of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.



Ethan : I don’t want them to top scoreboard on saturday. It’s a very goo performance, images are strong, the music grandiloquent, but I do not want the competition to turn to this kind of act.
General impression 4/10
Possible ranking 13-18 (but 26 hopefully)



Ethan : Pyro-free rehearsal peat. It’s very tidy, the song perfectly fits the current music market and western radio programming. That sould bring some points to Austria – and it’s well deserved.
General impression 8/10 – Possible ranking 10-15



Ethan : Several problems of the first rehearsal are solved and even if it’s not perfect yet, it’s already much better. With Georgia, Spain has one of the most beautiful visual of this contest. New dress for Edurne and it’s not a great idea, the first was much better in for me (only the fabric is different I think – it’s now golden lamé).
General impression 7/10 – Possible ranking 9-14



Ethan : As good as the first rehearsal. That’s classy…
General impression 9/10 – Possible ranking 4-8


United Kingdom

Ethan : No visible progress for the British. It’s very bad. Bianca now hid her back technical installation under a small white sheepskin bolero. At least it’s festive…
General impression 2/10 – Possible ranking 22-27



Ethan : Significant improvement for France ! Successful change of dress, plain black, veil on one shoulder, 3/4 sleeves and to the knees for length. Attempt of very large ring, not that happy…
Drums seem to move a bit more forward, That works better and they now drum again at the end of the song.
The few arm movements were today less good they were in my memory, especially the last one, now less Natasha St Pier.
General impression 3/10 (it remains the same song, the same way of singing…)
Possible ranking 19-24 (let’s be optimistic at this point we are no longer penultimate)



Ethan : Yes Australia is among the hot favorites to win the whole thing. As for Sweden, there’s nothing to change there…
General impression 10/10
Possible ranking 1-5