They are the heroes of our time…

photos : A question came to our attention… “But what are eurovision69 doing ?” The answer is simple, we slept. We are sorry for that 72 hours web silence, but it was as urgent that sorely needed.     Sweden wins the 60th Eurovision song contest. Sweden, which in 5 years, achieved 4 podium […]


day 10 – last technical rehearsal

photo : This post will be updated throughout the day. Videos :   You’ll have to wait for the daily “Wach Auf” to read our impressions of the semifinal (those of Ethan at least) and we will also try to write something about EBU/ORF press conference. But right now, the big 5 is […]


day 7 – Lisa y Edurne

photo : This post will be updated throughout the day.   D Day for Lisa Angell and Edurne. The big 5 rehearse for the very first time, along with Austria and Australia.       Ethan : When you’ll see my face on the daily Wach Auf, you’ll understand how hard it is for […]


eurovision 2015 – the 40 songs…

this post will be updated regularly 23.04 – Serbia (french version) 23.04 – Lithuania (official video) 23.04 – Spain (symphonic version & perm 2) 23.04 – UK & Albania (live versions) 23.04 – Eurovision In Concert (live vidéos)   Here are the 40 songs of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. 39 actually since we still […]


eurovision 2015 – 3 500 tons of material are on their way

photos : In a month start the rehearsals of the 60th eurovision song contest and preparations have just begun in the Wiener Stadthalle. From now to May 11, 350 trucks will provide the 3,500 tons of material needed for the construction of the stage and the set up of all technical installations. [pe2-image src=”” […]


eurovision 2015 – semifinals running order revealed

The running order of the semi-finals has been revealed. The production team of the contest in Vienna built it, with the approval of Jon Ola Sand (Executive Supervisor) and the Reference Group.   semi-final 1 – 19.05.15   01. Moldova 02. Armenia 03. Belgium 04. The Netherlands 05. Finland 06. Greece 07. Estonia 08. FYR […]


Austria 2015 – barber crisis !

Austrians have not chose their little French girl – thank you for that… The Makemakes will have the honor, representing the host country for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. We obviously want to send them to an hairstylist, at least to get a shampoo, but we keeps the song !   The Makemakes […]


the program of your weekend… *

* Ours will take place in Le Havre, so you’ll find out Sunday evening or Monday, what we thought of this weekend selections. Aïtor’s gonna tell you all the good things he sees in the Spanish song, I will talk about my Swedish guys…   Busy weekend for Eurovision’s fans – no less than 10 […]


Eurovision 2015 – the draw

The final running order of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, will be decided by the producers of the show, once every songs known and with the agreement of the Executive Supervisor of the EBU and the reference group. Today, each country got to know in which semifinal, and in which half of it, they will […]


Eurovision 2015 – here is the 60th stage of the Eurovision Song Contest

  Well this is an eye… 44 meters wide, 14.3 meters high. 1288 LED pillars make up this impressive structure. It encloses an 11 metre diameter stage floor. A stage that will a priori allow lighting or video, as the background, a LED wall of 22 metres wide and 8,5 metres high. It must be […]


eurovision 2015 – this is Vienna calling…

  They are 4 ! 4 women, or kind of, to present the 60th eurovisionnade. Mirjam Weichselbraun hosted several MTV ceremonies, and also Dancing with the stars. Alice Tumler will probably be the French voice of the contest. She presented One shot not on Arte with Manu Katché and from 2010, several reports for Thalassa […]


Vienna 2015 – Building bridges

ORF revealed the theme artwork for Vienna 2015. A bubble set surrounding the slogan “Building bridges” will be the visual identity of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. An idea not that different from the Oslo 2010 theme, but whose realization is actually closer to Düsseldorf 2011. For me, the result is more modern and should […]


Conchita Wurst – Love is like a battle cry

The video Heroes is available ! Virginal images, religious iconography and intent political allusions, Conchita doesn’t do things by halves… Winning Eurovision is not always easier than being eliminated in semifinal. Not easy to emerge from the eurovision microcosm – Emmelie Forest, Alexander Rybak or Niamh Kavanagh are still waiting for their second chance. Conchita […]


Conchita Wurst – Heroes : we can be so beautiful

Conchita has unveiled her new single Heroes . The song is somehow as dramatic as Rise Like A Phoenix, but sounds a bit more pop, which certainly makes it more marketable (a first remix is already available). Obviously, I Love it ! How could it be otherwise ?…     Conchita Wurst – Heroes (Wetten […]


Conchita on stage at the Crazy Horse

After Noémie Lenoir, who played the trick in 2013, Conchita Wurst will be this year the Guest of the famous Parisian cabaret. Conchita should interpret three titles : Rise like a Phoenix, probably a cover of Tina Turner and a new song she plans to test in Paris. This performance is scheduled from November 9 […]


we fly to Vienna !

The Wiener Stadthalle will be the arena for the upcoming contest. We know fans and the EBU were in favour of Vienna’s application. They’ll gather in the Austrian Capital the 19th, 21th and 23th of May 2015…