Stockholm 2016 !

  SVT deserves a huge “thank you” as we won’t have to fly to Linköping…   The Globen Arena – Stockholm, will host the 61th Eurovision Song Contest on 11, 12 and 14 May 2016. The press center will be located next to the venue at the Hovet and the Annex will host delegations.  


They are the heroes of our time…

photos : A question came to our attention… “But what are eurovision69 doing ?” The answer is simple, we slept. We are sorry for that 72 hours web silence, but it was as urgent that sorely needed.     Sweden wins the 60th Eurovision song contest. Sweden, which in 5 years, achieved 4 podium […]


day 11 – vote for Leonor, Marta and Václav !

Obviously, neither Aïtor nor I believe Portugal or the Czech Republic can win their semifinal. Actually, they even aren’t our favorite songs. But that’s the choice our heart… Aïtor would like the Czechs Václav Marta to be among the 10 qualified and I do support the Portuguese Leonor. But this is the game, traditional, here […]


day 6 – one day to go for France and Spain

photo : This post will be updated throughout the day. Videos :   Last technical rehearsals for semifinalists. We should tonight have a clearer view… And tomorrow, the big 5 enter the competition, as well as Austria and Australia. We will have see everyone !     Ethan : Vaidas wears a more […]


day 4 – the day not to miss…

photos : This post will be updated throughout the day.   The winner of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest is rehearsing today for the very first time on the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle…       Ethan : Oula… It’s gonna be difficult for Israel. Nadav progresses a bit on each runthrough but […]


eurovision 2015 – the 40 songs…

this post will be updated regularly 23.04 – Serbia (french version) 23.04 – Lithuania (official video) 23.04 – Spain (symphonic version & perm 2) 23.04 – UK & Albania (live versions) 23.04 – Eurovision In Concert (live vidéos)   Here are the 40 songs of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. 39 actually since we still […]


day 10 – semifinal 2 – impressions

Unlike the first semifinal, nothing spectacular for the opening. But the truth is the 17 contestants of this semi are actually enough…   Note : The sound here in the press center is too loud and I heard the 17 acts through earplugs. Lithuania : Radiant opening, I hope we’ll see them once more on […]


eurovision 2015 – semifinals running order revealed

The running order of the semi-finals has been revealed. The production team of the contest in Vienna built it, with the approval of Jon Ola Sand (Executive Supervisor) and the Reference Group.   semi-final 1 – 19.05.15   01. Moldova 02. Armenia 03. Belgium 04. The Netherlands 05. Finland 06. Greece 07. Estonia 08. FYR […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – our dream final…

We now have the complet lineup of the Melodifestivalen 2015 final ! But lets build our ideal final, just the time of a dream. As every year, we didn’t understand some qualifications, we cried with emotion on some vibratos and begun moving our hips on some tunes. So let’s play Christer Björkman ! Here is […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – Make Me La La La…

We now know the 12 songs of the Melodifestivalen 2015 final ! And Dinah Nah is in the lineup ! This is actually the only (happy) surprise of this Andra Chansen.     1. Andreas Weise – Bring Out the Fire 2. Linus Svenning – Forever Starts Today So this is Linus Svenning will “end […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – we now have a winner…

            they’ll be in the final… Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes (Mååååååååååååååns !…) JTR – Building it Up (under 18 girls had their cell phone…) they get a second chance.. Dinah Nah – Make me (La La La) (You got me so high – Make me La la la – Make […]


the program of your weekend… *

* Ours will take place in Le Havre, so you’ll find out Sunday evening or Monday, what we thought of this weekend selections. Aïtor’s gonna tell you all the good things he sees in the Spanish song, I will talk about my Swedish guys…   Busy weekend for Eurovision’s fans – no less than 10 […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – Måns och Johan…

Örebro, located right in the middle of Sweden, is Saturday night the center of Europe ! Yes it is… You wonder why it’s all about Örebro ?!… The Melodifestivalen trucks stop there this week for the fourth heat of THE national selection. And it’s gonna be THE heat ! Måns and Johan are already there… […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – uh.. no ! what’s that ?!

  But uh… What is going on in Sweden ? That semi wasn’t good at all… Not a single song really inspiring and the best performance (except the suit) is out ! It was the attempt too much for Andreas Johnson who finished last. An unfair ranking for me. If the stylist and hairdresser should […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – Magnus, schlager savior

  While schalger no longer has the favor of the Swedish selection, Magnus brilliantly reminds us, as Alcazar last year, that it still has an audience. Girls with hair in the wind, choreographies with knees swinging, and soppy catchy songs. Besides, he was wearing that beautiful and stylish pants… Bravo Magnus !   But this […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – Nu kör vi !

  Eric Saade returns to the competition with a spectacular staging : a beautiful opening with shadows and video overlays, and an effective ending on a platform flying over the audience. The choreography is stunning. Well the song has not the same level, but tonight’s performance already set Eric Saade as one hot favorite to […]


Eurovision 2015 – the draw

The final running order of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, will be decided by the producers of the show, once every songs known and with the agreement of the Executive Supervisor of the EBU and the reference group. Today, each country got to know in which semifinal, and in which half of it, they will […]


eurovision 2015 – this is Vienna calling…

  They are 4 ! 4 women, or kind of, to present the 60th eurovisionnade. Mirjam Weichselbraun hosted several MTV ceremonies, and also Dancing with the stars. Alice Tumler will probably be the French voice of the contest. She presented One shot not on Arte with Manu Katché and from 2010, several reports for Thalassa […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – semi-finals 3 & 4 – Måns will be there !

There he is ! We got scary yesterday, seeing him in the authors’ list, but Måns will actually be on stage for Melodifestivalen 2015 ! And it’s all about the last semi-final, since Midnight Boy, my other favorite of this competition, also debuts in Örebro.     Andreas Weise – Bring Out The Fire (Anton […]


Melodifestivalen 2015 – semi-finals 1 & 2

We heard Måns could be back in 2015. He is, as author… Huge disappointment !… Måns we love him ! But what we love is his pretty face, his hips waving, the little movement he makes with his knees while dancing. In short, we want to see him !     Jessica Andersson – Can’t […]